4. Colophon

CodeReview is written in Python 3 and the GUI is based on the Qt5 framework. The libgit2 and pygit2 provides the Python API to deal with Git repositories. I tried to achieve a clever design and to write a clean code.

I am not a fan of GUI softwares that aim to deal with Git with only a mouse and one finger. Thus CodeReview is not intended to compete with a “power” IDE like Eclipse, Idea, PyCharm, Kate … But just to provide features which are not available in Emacs and the Magit Mode (my editor) or Github like a diff side-by-side on local changes.

I started to write some pieces of code of CodeReview at the end of 2011, as a port of the Bzr Qt plugin QBzr for Git when Bzr started to seriously fall down. I am an addict of code review and I cannot work without it. QBzr features two nice tools for this task: qlog and qdiff. It was the main reason why I used Bzr until 2015 and didn’t switched to Git before this date. But I succeed to release an alternative.