3. Ideas for Additional Features

Actually CodeReview has a limited number of features. The followings list gives some ideas to extend its features:

  • Add Mercurial support. (Git and Mercurial are actually the most cool VCS)
  • Add a graphical representation of the branches. I don’t understand the crappy code of qlog and I don’t know any algorithm on this topic (graphviz, qgit ?). To summarize I don’t what and how to do.
  • Implement the detection of code translocations. Sometimes we move code within a file or a project. Such changes are related as deletion and addition in the code, which don’t help to review code. We can do something clever by computing a distance between all the added and deleted chuncks. The distance could be computed using a Levenshtein, Damerau–Levenshtein, Needleman–Wunsch or Smith–Waterman algorithm (DNA alignment algorithms).
  • Implement code analyser/validator as language plugins. The idea is to annotate change as cosmetic or dangerous modifications. For example a deleted or added space is a cosmetic change in C, but it can be a regression in Python where the indentation is part of the grammar.
  • Implement blame wich is another important feature.
  • Implement comments and maybe as a client-server architecture.
  • look https://docs.python.org/3.4/library/difflib.html