11. How to Refer to PythonicGcodeMachine ?ΒΆ

Up to now, the official url for PythonicGcodeMachine is https://github.com/FabriceSalvaire/PythonicGcodeMachine

A permanent redirection will be implemented if the domain change in the future.

On Github, you can use the PythonicGcodeMachine topic for repository related to PythonicGcodeMachine.

A typical BibTeX citation would be, for example:

  author = {Fabrice Salvaire}, % actual author and maintainer
  title = {PythonicGcodeMachine},
  url = {https://github.com/FabriceSalvaire/pythonic-gcode-machine},
  version = {x.y},
  date = {2018-12-24}, % set to the release date

  author = {Fabrice Salvaire},
  title = {PythonicGcodeMachine},
  howpublished = {\url{https://github.com/FabriceSalvaire/pythonic-gcode-machine}},
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