1. Overview

1.1. What is PythonicGcodeMachine ?

PythonicGcodeMachine is a free and open source Python toolkit to work with RS-274 / ISO G-code.

PythonicGcodeMachine features:

  • a compliant RS-274 / ISO G-code parser which is automatically generated from grammar and easy to derivate to support other flavours,
  • an abstract syntax tree (AST) API,
  • some G-code flavour aspects are handled by YAML files for maximum flexibility,
  • tools to manipulate and validate G-code,
  • and more ..

PythonicGcodeMachine supports these G-code flavours:

  • RS-274 (full support)
  • Fanuc (partially)
  • Heidenhain (partially)
  • LinuxCNC (partially)

1.2. How is PythonicGcodeMachine licensed ?

PythonicGcodeMachine is licensed under the GPLv3.

1.3. Going further with PythonicGcodeMachine

The best way to know what you can do with PythonicGcodeMachine, and to learn it, is to look at the examples:

1.4. Which platforms are supported by PythonicGcodeMachine ?

PythonicGcodeMachine runs on Linux, Windows 64-bit and Mac OS X.

1.5. How to install PythonicGcodeMachine ?

The procedure to install PythonicGcodeMachine is described in the Installation Manual.

1.6. Which version of Python is required ?

PythonicGcodeMachine requires at least Python 3.5.