10.1.4. GeometryEngine

This module implements a 2D geometry engine which implement standard geometric primitives like line, conic and Bézier curve.


This module is a candidate for a dedicated project. Purpose

The purpose of this module is to provide all the required algorithms in Python language for a 2D geometry engine. In particular it must avoid the use of a third-party libraries which could be over sized for our purpose and challenging to trust.

It is not designed to provide optimised algorithms for a large number of graphic entities. Such optimisations could be provided in addition, in particular if the Python implementation has dramatic performances. Bibliographical References

All complex algorithms in this module should have strong references matching theses criteria by preference order:

  • a citation to an article from a well known peer reviewed journal,
  • a citation to a reference book authored by a well known author,
  • a well written article which can be easily trusted ( in this case an electronic copy of this article should be added to the repository).

However a Wikipedia article will usually not fulfils the criteria due to the weakness of this collaborative encyclopedia: article quality, review process, content modification over time.