1. Overview

1.1. What is Patro ?

Patro is a Python library which implements pattern drafting for fashion design.

1.2. What is the purpose of this library ?

This library could serve several purposes :

  • generate a pattern from a Python script,
  • modify a Valentina pattern with a Python script,
  • help to experiment core features for pattern drafting,
  • plug Valentina to software featuring a Python plugin mechanism like Blender, FreeCad etc.

1.3. What are the Features of Patro ?

See Features page.

1.4. How is Patro licensed ?

Patro is licensed under the AGPLv3 license.

1.5. Going further with Patro

The best way to know what you can do with Patro, and to learn it, is to look at the examples:

1.6. Which platforms are supported by Patro ?

Patro runs on Linux, Windows 64-bit and Mac OS X.

1.7. How to install Patro ?

The procedure to install Patro is described in the Installation Manual.

1.8. Which version of Python is required ?

Patro requires Python 3.